The monotonous cycle of my life is killing me, I need something new. I need to get away, find a new life and start over. My name is Chester and I live in the inner west of Sydney Australia. I wished I lived near the beach but I shouldn’t complain, I can’t even swim. People accuse me of being un-Australian. If they knew me, they’d appreciate the irony of that statement. I hate hypocrites – I want to bust their caps. TIA brutha – This Is Australia!  If I could escape, I would go to Malaysia. There are less hyprocrits there. Luckily, I’ve stashed lots of air miles and can make this story travel beyond Australia. If I can, I want to escape to somewhere exotic, where anything is possible, where life is never dull, where …if I could be any animal in the world, I would be a pig…and eat myself. Then I would live on the basic necessity and never have to worry about the mortgage, the taxes the never ending list of outstanding bills. I could be free from this concrete cage and live off the land.I said to dragon warrior….’this is the real no can defend serve’. Hey yah! If only I have super powers, I will be a hero living to die but never dies. But the fact of the matter is, im Chester. Plain old Chester. And that’s how it starts out. The alarm bell rings. No snooze, no sleeping in. The reinforced metal bars slide open. “All inmates STEP FORWARD” the warden shouts over the cob webbed covered speakers. Weary, blurry eyed, orange clad inmates all align themselves at their cell doors. I think “how did i ever get myself into this mess?” It wasnt even my fault?! The thoughts fade with synchronized movements of all inmates, in unison, moving, shuffling towards the outer gate. After a brief moment Warden Haig yells out “Dufresne? Get your ass out here, boy! You’re holding up the show! “. No response… “Don’t make me come down there now! I’ll thump your skull for you!” yells warden Haig. Still no answer. Glaring, Haig stalks down the tier, clipboard in hand. His men fall in behind. By this time the warden is losing his patience…”Dufresne, dammit, you’re putting me behind! You better be sick or dead in there, I sh*t you not!” as the warden and his men arrive at bars, their faces go slack… Stunned…under his breath, warden Haig says to himself “Oh my Holy God”. The guards find the cell empty. I shut my eyes and thought, “Maybe I could get out of this mess…”. I felt a tingling sensation and when I opened my eyes, I was in a mansion.Then I thought to myself, “Is this a dream or did I just teleport?”. All that time the tingling sensation grew, tiny at first, behind my neck around my shoulders then down my back, slowly but surely the entire time, growing from the around my lower back to the waist. Suddenly a burst of tingling was everywhere, with my eyes wide open I looked high above and saw a dome shaped roof, covered with an immaculate painting  of an ancient civilisation – hunters with spears and daggers, massive mammoth creatures leaping out of the ocean. My glance catches a full length mirror, what the hell? I’m wearing a tuxedo. I hear the door knob turn and a knock on the door. “Mr Chester, your food is ready.” I glance over and see a large Thai woman wearing a maids outfit. She appears to be alot bigger than I am, I wonder if she is also my bodyguard? I head out the door and walk down the winding marbled staircase. I smell a wafting aroma of pad Thai with basil leaves crawl up my nostrils. Damn, this smells good! I sit down in my tuxedo to eat. I see another plate of pad Thai down the opposite side of the long glossy black table. Thump, thump raaawrrrrrr. What the hell is that noise? My maid says your Avatar is here to eat too you know! You must eat together Mr. Chester. The massively tall blue creature with jumbo eyes and a long tail that looks like me walks in casually – “I’m ultra hungry! Let’s eat the pad Thai now!” Although this experience would seem extremely awkward, eating Pad Thai in a tux sitting opposite to a giant blue avatar of myself, it felt strangely serene.  Stuttering, I tried to spit out a question to ask this blue creature who looked exactly like me “Ummm, ahhh, who are you?” I asked. “I am you but not” the avatar said. “What am I doing here?” I followed on with. “You are here to save the world and I am here to help you.” He muttered. “Why am I wearing a tux and eating Pad Thai in a mansion?” I said in a confused tone. “Because you have descended from the heavens. Your father is Zeus, the god of gods and you royalty amongst men of this petty world. Plus Pad Thai is awesome. I particularly like the one in Five Dock.” my Avatar in a grand tone said. What the hell is happening man? This is some weird shit! I woke up today thinking I’m over my boring life and needed some respite, then all of a sudden I get warped into some random jail and now I’m talking to a blue Avatar. My imagination is totally screwed up. I need to get some air. I walk over to the front door of this mansion, hearing my shiny shoes clap the Italian granite floor. I open the door my jaw drops. Literally! Not figuratively, but literally my jaw drops because a human sized monkey, that looks exactly like the one from Aladdin with symbols, claps my face. “Whatup Chester my friend, want to dance?” the monkey asks in a harlem black persons tone.