I am inspired by the power of a group of people and what we can achieve together. This is an experimental project to see where our imagination takes us, by linking one sentence at a time. Remember ever playing writing games as a kid where one person kicks off a story with a single sentence and the next kid adds onto it and so on, to eventually form a usually absurd but very creative story.

So this is how it will work

  1. I will start off the story with a paragraph
  2. You click on <The Story so far…> and write the next  paragraph of the story through a comment. If more than one person responds to the next part of the story, then I’ll pick the best one (my discretion), unless there is an overwhelming call to make a different response the next part. Remember, the next sentence can dramatically impact the way the story unravels! If the story stagnates, then I’ll add the next sentence myself.
  3. People can upload pictures and video to accompany their story and bring it to life
  4. After 1 year, I’ll stop taking sentences
  5. If the story that unfolds is really awesome, I’ll create a book out of it


  1. You can only write one sentence  (a sentence stops at a full stop/period – don’t try to cheat by using excessive commas)
  2. No obscene or offensive material please, if it is I simply won’t pick it

I have no idea how this will turn out, but that’s the idea anyway. It’s going to be a really interesting experiment to see where our imagination will lead us.

Remember, this project will only work through the power of people. So send this out to anyone you know who you think would like to participate.

Let the Peoples Story Begin!